Guys and dolls:

So... why would I need a privacy policy for my personal site? Well... I don't. Really. (Really really.) Except that I do. See, I use (as of February something-something 2010) Google Analytics to see how many people visit the site, what countries they're visiting from, how many times certain files on my site are downloaded... blah blah blah. And there's a sentence in the Google User Agreement (which I- *gasp*- actually read) that basically says that, in order to use the service, I have to have a privacy policy letting people know I have a magic cookie (mmmm... cookie) that collects anonymous data about visitors.

So yeah... that's why this bit is here. I don't keep the information anywhere. I just sign in and look at the stats. I simply like knowing which files people seem to like the most and where my happy Internet friends are visiting from. That's it.

If you have any questions or if you think I'm a liar (Eek! What about my pants?!) you can send lines and lines of texty goodness to me at:

Later, skaters!

-Justin (Me)

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